ISIC South Africa

Partner information

Why apply to partner with ISIC

  • Be associated with a globally recognised brand
  • Offer an added value product to your members
  • Opportunity to earn additional revenue
  • Increase your brand awareness and international profile


Partnership opportunities include:

ISIC authorised issuer

Offer Standard ISIC cards as a product value add or choose to on-sell the cards to your members.

Co-branding & ID card solutions

Combine your current ID card with an ISIC and create one all in one card for your members

ISIC affiliate program

Become an ISIC affiliate partner and earn money by just linking to our website!

Offer a benefit

Offer a discount to our members and join our portfolio of more than 150,000 benefits in 130+ countries.

ISIC ambassador program

Become an ISIC representative and market our cards to schools, universities and any other student organisation. Contact us to register your interest.

Get the ball rolling...

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