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The Bo-Kaap Cooking Tour

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The Bo-Kaap Cooking Tour offers an educational and fun experience encompassing insights into the Cape Malay culture in Bo-Kaap from a culinary perspective. Your guide will entertain you with stories of the food and culture of Bo-Kaap before returning to a home kitchen to cook up a storm. 

Your journey starts at a local grocer in Bo-Kaap then continues to the local spice merchants to teach you how to shop for spices. After a brief stroll through the cobbled streets and a little bit of history, you will return to the home kitchen. 

In the cooking class, you will discover the secrets of mixing Masala, making Dhaltjies (Chilli Bites), preparing and folding Samoosas, making and frying Rootis, and learning the traditional way to cook a mouth-watering Cape Malay Curry which you will enjoy at a sit down lunch whilst being entertained with local recipes and stories of food, culture, and life. 

Refreshments and tasters are served before lunch, thereafter you will receive a recipe booklet together with a bag of special Masala Mix for your first curry meal. 

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