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Jump on a Monster Mountain Scooter and Freewheel into the city below! Scootours offer a unique way to experience Cape Town's Table Mountain and its breathtaking views in a fun and active way.

During the 1.5 to 2 hour Scootours, you will get the opportunity to freewheel down two different off road tracks. The first track runs down the side of Signal Hill all the way into Bo Kaap. After getting picked up in Bo Kaap, the experience continues as you are transported to Table Mountain for your final run down the lower slopes off this world-famous land mark!

The Scootours that are used are non-motorised and therefore the activity is Eco-friendly. Because the scooters are propelled by gravity, you will be transported to the op of each downhill run. 

The experience is also offered in Franschoek and Stellenbosch. 

How do I get this discount? All ISIC cardholders can enjoy a 10% discount on Scootours. Verify your card here to get your promo code to save 10%. 

For further information regarding Scootours, please visit their website

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